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GIC 2022 Awards

Executive Leadership Awards:
Ruby Gao, Katherine Ge, Alice Yue, David Lai,
Sara Lu, Emma Rong, Jack Shi, Emily Liu

Community Service Awards:
Crystal Cheng, Kayleigh Cui, Isabella Gates, Joshua Jin, Bryan Li, Austin Liang,
Kate Liang, Eva Mather, Ryan Qin, Emma Shi, Kate Skinner, Parker Somers,
Chloe Wong, Emily Wong, Crystal Xu, Ella Yang, Felix Yang, Grace Yao, 
Nicole Ying, Sarah Zhao, Katie Zhu

Congratulations to our winners! keep up the great work!
Because of you, the world is a bit more beautiful!

Makers Village

Allows inventors to build and develop their products using our workspace, expertise and a wide variety of tools.

Academic  Cell

Provides education and stimulates the innovation spirit

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Entreprenerus  Center

Helps inventors to commercialize their dreams by providing resources in all areas such as funding, mentoring, marketing, and manufacturing.