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EJ Youth AI Innovation Award 2024

Join us and win $500 cash prizes for High School and Middle School students. Showcase your innovative ideas in a 3-5 minute speech competition:
May 5th, 2024
San Diego Wisdom Park
10505 Findley Ln, San Diego, CA 92126

Topic:'My Cool Ideas Using AI to Change the World'.
Organized by:
Global Innovation Center, EJ Baby Academy, Linran Yu
C.A.R.T FTC 23280 & Quantuminvt
Register now! 
Limited to 15 high school and 15 middle school students, slots are first-come, first-served. Presentation times will be announced here.
Join us at the AI Innovation Competition! Please bring unwanted shoes, sneakers, glasses, and plastic bottle caps to support the poor and children's cancer hospital in Tijuana. Your small contribution can make a big impact! Let's make a positive change together!

Rules for the 3-5 minute AI innovation ideas competition:

  1. Time Limit: Each participant must present their AI innovation idea within a time frame of 3-5 minutes.

  2. Judging Criteria: Participants will be evaluated based on four criteria, each scored by the judges:

    • Impact of the Idea: The potential impact of the AI innovation on society, industries, or communities.

    • Creativity: The originality and creativity demonstrated in the AI innovation idea.

    • AI Knowledge: The depth of understanding and application of AI concepts and technologies in the proposed idea.

    • Passion: The enthusiasm and passion exhibited by the participant in presenting their AI innovation idea.

  3. Scoring: Judges will assign scores for each criterion on a predetermined scale, considering factors such as clarity, feasibility, and relevance.

  4. Objective Judging: Judges will assess each participant's presentation objectively, focusing on the merit of the AI innovation idea and its alignment with the competition's theme.

  5. Fairness and Impartiality: Judges will evaluate all participants fairly and impartially, ensuring equal opportunities for all contestants.

  6. Decision Making: Winners will be determined based on the cumulative scores awarded by the judges across all four criteria.

  7. Announcement of Winners: The winners of the competition will be announced on the official competition website following the completion of all presentations, and prizes will be awarded accordingly. Additionally, your captivating presentations will be broadcast across social media platforms, igniting inspiration among youth worldwide.

  8. Compliance: Participants are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined by the organizers throughout the duration of the competition.

These rules aim to ensure a fair and transparent evaluation process while encouraging participants to demonstrate their creativity and expertise in the field of AI innovation.

                      8:00am      Open Remark by Dr. Henrik Christensen UCSD
                      8:10am       Competition 
                      11:00am      Award Ceremony                  

High school participants

1.  Ruby Gao, Canyon Crest Academy:                                                   8:10am

2.  C.A.R.T FTC 23280/Team, The Bishop’s School:                              8:20am

3.  ARISE (Grace Yao & Sophie Zeng) , The Bishop's School:             8:30am

4. Mandy Hung, Del Norte High School:                                               8:40am

5. Bailey Leeder, Del Norte High School:                                              8:50am

6. Shreeya Patel, Del Norte High School:                                             9:00am

7. Sophia Tang, Del Norte High School:                                                9:10am

8. Daizy Zhang, Del Norte High School:                                               9:20am 


Dr. Henrik Christensen (Ph.D., Dr. Techn. h.c., Fellow IEEE & AAAS
Qualcomm Chair of Robotics and Distinguished Professor, Co
mputer Science
Director of Contextual Robotics Institute, UCSD)

Tricia Bertram Gallant, (Ph.D. | Director | Academic Integrity & Triton Testing)

David Lai, The Bishop's School                         

Jesus Rodriguez, Quantuminvt


Chris Zheng, Grace Yao, Ella Xing, Katie Zhu.

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