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Our Team

Ms. Lily Zhou is a business professional with a diverse background and 28 years of success in corporate as well as entrepreneurial responsibilities.  She has extensive experience as a business owner and international executive.  Lily is recognized for her leadership abilities and skill in managing high levels of responsibility under critical time schedules.  Her experience as a deal maker and executive include the investment, manufacturing, sales, media, fashion jewelry design and real estate industries. She has won international awards for outstanding achievement.

Mr. Steven Berneberg is an Electrical Engineer specializing in Navigation and Industrial Automation.  He received his BSEE from San Diego State University in 1979 and worked at various companies throughout the San Diego area after graduation.  In 1996 he opened an Engineering Consulting Company and worked for major corporations as well as small start-ups.  He now teaches Robotics to students from grade school through high school after his retirement.

Mr. Faizan Masood received his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, San Diego. He acquired his General Certificate of Education from University of Cambridge in 2007. From an early age, Faizan has shown entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities. Faizan’s startup Solar Umbrella was amongst the finalists at Dell Social Innovation Challenge in April 2014, hosted by University of San Diego. He is currently involved with a startup that manufacutres scientific instruments to measure nanoparticles.


Multi-talented Ruby Gao is only thirteen.  At such young age, she has already accomplished many things. Her main goal is to inspire and motivate youth to thrive in life. Besides taking part in a non-profit organization, Ruby also enjoys listening to music, playing guzheng, and painting watercolor. She relishes engaging novels, exercising by playing table tennis, and spending quality time with friends and family. She's not an ordinary teenager but with a great pure heart to serve others and the community.

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