1.      Self Sustainable Homeless Community (SSHC)


Self sustainable homeless community for San Diego residents to thrive in life with professional help!

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2.      Pakistan Flood  Relief  


1 out of 7 people without roof. 1,300 plus people died which majority were children. 


As many as 7 million people have been temporarily displaced. Some major rivers breached their banks and dams have overflowed, destroying homes, farms and critical infrastructure including roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and public health facilities.  

Outbreaks of watery diarrhoea, typhoid and malaria are increasing as millions of people sleep in temporary shelters or in the open near stagnating water.

Many of the hardest-hit areas are amongst the most vulnerable in Pakistan, where children already suffer from high rates of malnutrition, and poor access to water and sanitation. 

Climate-related crises will not affect everyone equally. Children will suffer more than adults, with those in the poorest communities bearing the biggest burden.

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3.      CoCreate X Bus Trip
Sep 24th- 28th, 2018 (California)

4.      Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs

There are more than 7,000 rare diseases in the world, and 95 percent of them are lack of appropriate drugs for treatment. Dr. Ti-Hsuan Ku and the Global Innovation Center have conducted a charitable cooperation to find a solution!

The goal is to use aptamers, peptides, proteins and other biological macro-molecules to rapidly develop effective therapeutic drugs for diseases related to immune system, blood, and cancer to reduce the suffering of patients and the burden on family members.

We very much welcome you to contact us and let us know your situation & needs.


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