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       Our June's topic: 10 years later, I will.......
Welcome to "Love of Speech," a channel dedicated to inspiring and teaching young people how to become great speakers! Each month, we will feature a different topic, and we invite you to participate by submitting a video of your child's speech. By emailing us a video, you agree that we may share it with our community and waive your privacy rights. At the end of the month, we will announce the winning video, which will receive a $100 cash award. To submit your child's video, please send it to:

Our August, 2023 winner: Max Wang

Our July, 2023 winner: Jessica Ji

Our June, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our May, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our April, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our March, 2023 winner: Eva Mather

Congratulations to our speaker leaders
David Lai & Sarah Zhao
for their first successful public speaking class 
June 18th Sunday, 2023

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