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Welcome to "Love of Speech," a channel dedicated to inspiring and teaching young people how to become great speakers! The mission of Love of Speech is to inspire and equip kids to empower their peers through the art of communication, fostering a generation that leads with compassion, understanding, and the transformative power of their voices. The programs we have at “Love of Speech” : Serial 1 : Public speaking Each month, we will feature a different topic, and we invite you to participate by submitting a video of your child's speech. By emailing us a video, you agree that we may share it with our community and waive your privacy rights. We would like to share the voice of the young generation with the whole world to make change little by little. Please follow us on YouTube Channel: “Love of Speech” Serial 2: Meet Friends “Meeting Friends” is the 2nd program of “Love of Speech”. We meet friends from different places with different cultures. By sharing different stories, we might be inspired and learn a little from them, and tell our own stories. If you are interested in joining us, please kindly email to:                                             

Our August, 2023 winner: Max Wang

Our July, 2023 winner: Jessica Ji

Our June, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our May, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our April, 2023 winner: Katie Zhu

Our March, 2023 winner: Eva Mather

Congratulations to our speaker leaders
David Lai & Sarah Zhao
for their first successful public speaking class 
June 18th Sunday, 2023

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