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What is life without love? 
Love for   Heroes!

Our lives have been enriched by the dedication of heroes from all walks of life. We owe our gratitude to them for the beauty in our existence. In recognition and celebration, GIC extended its appreciation during the 2020 pandemic by donating lunches by Sizzling Pot King to several hospitals, including Rady, Sharp Memorial, UCSD Medical, and Surgeons.

This project is lead by:
Kalen Naidu (8), Emily Liu (13),
Kate Liang (15), Zoe Ma(15)

In Partnership with SDULC LEO club

July 4th, 2023: Fire Station 3 team C (4) by Kalen Naidu
August 2023: La Jolla Dentistry (12) by Hoorah Breakfast Coffee & Bar
Sept 2023: UCSD Gastroenterology Dept (30)


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