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In this course we will explore both hardware and software aspects for a thorough understanding of microprocessor based devices.  We will be using a low cost processor board, learn it capabilities and limitations, how to program and other what other options are available.

Trinket Robot

SKU: 1002
  • Course Materials

    • 1X Tiny Breadboard
    • 1X Adafruit 3v Trinket
    • 1X 4xAA Battery Holder
    • 2X Continuous Rotation Micro Servos
    • 3X Female / Male Jumpers
    • 3X M3 10mm Screws
    • 1X M3 Hex Nut
    • Double-sided Foam Tape
    • 3D printed Robot body
  • A full refund will be issued to participants if a class is cancelled.

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